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About me



You can find a full list of articles I have published in peer-reviewed journals on my ORCID site. The ones listed here are a few select publications:

  • A.J. Weymouth, E. Riegel, O. Gretz and F.J. Giessibl. Strumming a single chemical bond. Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 196101 (2020)

  • A. J. Weymouth, T. Hofmann and F. J. Giessibl.  Quantifying Molecular Stiffness and Interaction with Lateral Force Microscopy.  Science, 343, 1120 (2014)

  • K. Pürckhauer, A.J. Weymouth, K. Pfeffer, L. Kullmann, E. Mulvihill, M.P. Krahn, D.J. Müller and F.J. Giessibl. Imaging in Biologically-Relevant Environments with AFM Using Stiff qPlus Sensors. Sci. Rep. 8, 9330 (2018)

  • A.J. Weymouth, R.H. Miwa, G.J.A. Edge, G.P. Srivastava and A.B. McLean.  Templating an Organic Array on Si(111)-7x7. Chem. Commun. 47, 8031 (2011)


I have supervised Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. students. I've also taught the following courses:

  • Surface Physics (Masters)​

  • Nanomaterials I 

  • Physics for Chemists (Lab course)

  • Physics for Molecular Medicine Students

  • Spatially resolved spectroscopy of Nanosystems



University of Regensburg

Promoted to Akademischer Oberrat

2012 - 2016

University of Regensburg

Completed my Habilitation, “Investigating electrostatics and short-range interactions with atomic force microscopy”

Was awarded the title of Privat-Dozent (lecturer)


University of Regensburg, Germany

Started working as a Akademischer Rat auf Zeit and then as an Akademischer Rat with Prof. Franz J. Giessibl

2005 - 2009

Queen's University

Completed my Ph.D. under Prof. Alastair McLean “Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of small aromatic molecules on semiconductor surfaces”

2 month research stay at the Czech Academy of Science hosted by Prof. Vladimir Chab

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